Digital Stories

I have always been a firm believer that “a computer is not a typewriter”. This is why, since I first started teaching, I have always encouraged my students to publish their work in creative ways, digital or not.

In 2008, I attended my first professional learning session with Marco Torres. Wow! What a true inspiration! I will always remember that day and the way Marco’s students created digital stories, aligning pictures, music and sound effects to their scripts.

Since that day, I have encouraged my students to produce work of a similar nature. To my surprise, my students have always stepped up to the challenge. They have followed the writing process in class, i.e. planning, drafting, revising and editing… and have selected how they’d like to publish their story in digital form.

Last year, I was truly impressed by the song my students wrote and recorded during our poetry unit. This year, I am just as amazed by the narrative my student has published. She has integrated a number of apps and skills to create the outstanding digital story below.

I love how my students take the idea and make it their own 🙂



  1. Wow – I love the digital narrative your student created! I’d love to learn more about the apps she used and how she put it together. Maybe she could make a ‘how to’ video!

    I’m going to add your blog to my blogroll so I can keep checking back and looking at your other posts!

  2. Thanks Katy 🙂 I will definitely have a chat to my student next term and ask her to put something together for you. Being the SuPeRsTaR that she is, she’ll whip it up in no time 🙂

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  4. Dear Michelle, Your work with your students is inspirational. This was an excellent way to incorporate writing and digital technology into a relevant assignment for kids. I am new to working with i-pads and would also be interested in knowing the apps and assignment parameters used for this project.

    Thank you for sharing-
    Laurie 4th Grade in Delaware

  5. Thank you, Laurie 🙂 I guess I run my class a little different to most. I set the task and allow my students to choose the apps they would like to use to complete it. This allows the task to cater for all learning preferences, needs, styles, etc. It also promotes student voice, which is a passion of mine 🙂
    In this activity, my students followed the normal writing process, in that they planned, composed, and revised and edited their work. Rather than re-writing their corrected draft, I asked them to find images and videos to match their narrative, then to WOW me by putting it all together into a short movie. The student who produced this example went well beyond my expectation 🙂 She is a high achiever! My class now uses this as the benchmark to work towards 🙂
    Feel free to contact me for more information re: working with iPads 🙂

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